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Do you think China has done enough damage to bankrupt Mattel?

Do you feel that big business in this country is targeted by the recent product inferiority issues?
Dr. Wolfman:

yes, and it scares me. :( China is making huge ,dangerous ,mistakes....and we keep on trusting them with the safety of our kids by allowing them to continue in the production process of toys we sell here! This time....will we actually do something to ensure the safety of our kids when dealing with toys made in china? Good question Mission Mom...and as you can see...i'm a little mad about it too!
hope you have a good day though.... :) Cindy


I agree....I would not do business with this country if I were a manufacturer at this point. I think people would appreciate that they are paying more for an item because the company took measures to remove incompetent people from the process that could harm them.


Looks like they are doing pretty well!!!! Yes, I think Mattel will suffer from this latest one since it hasn't been that long since the last one. I will be very leery of Mattel things this Christmas that's for sure!!!!


My children are older so few of their products would need to be purchased in my home. I am very upset for those who purchased toys for infants who put things in their mouths.


All we need are some polititians with the brass to close our borders. And enough americans to just say wal-mart.


Here here. For me I would rather pay a couple bucks more and skip on wal-mart. Keep the money in your local community and get the better product at a slightly higher price.


I dont think that businesses in the US are targeted. If you know that if you have your product manufactured in China at a much lower cost which is really taking advantage of EXTREMELY cheap labor but at the same time the quality of the product is going to slip, then you deserve whatever happens. "You made your bed now go lie in it." As a business they have already shipped American manufacturing jobs overseas in order to use what amounts to slave labor and then to add insult to injury after getting ride of our jobs they import these products back into the US and tell us to run out and buy them otherwise we are not good citizens giving back to the community. No sympathy for Mattel, their greed and necessity to continue to be a top manufacturer not only cost American jobs but now potentially risk the lives of American children.



I read labels and boycott certain products due to labor practices and mistrust of the government of the countries.

In China if the government told a company to contaminate a product the company would have to do what their government demanded of them due to how things operate there. Everything is government run and you can be killed if you refuse the government.


I don't think it will bankrupt Mattel, but I think that, for some time, people will be wary of toys made in China. No doubt that a lot of toys are made there so a number of companies may suffer. If I was making toys in the USA, Canada, Europe, etc., I'd be feeling pretty good about my business prospects.


I hope that people do buy and support their respective countries products and interact internationally with countries that are safety conscious.

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