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Anyone know the website to look up houses sold in my neighborhood so I can do some ?comparisons


MisterGZ is more or less correct -- HOWEVER, Zillow does a deplorable job of tracking sales in many markets!

Essentially, Zillow's "Zestimates" are nothing more than your local Tax Assessor's "Estimated Market Value", which historically has been well below market. Don't get me wrong, as Realtor, I use it myself for a quick and dirty reference before I spend "quality time" digging through the MLS.

However, if the county estimates were closer to the actual market value, with property values falling in many areas, some properties will sell for less than the Tax Assessor's best guess. This is happening here in Minnesota. It is no longer rare to see a property sell for 10% to 20% below taxable market value in certain neighborhoods.

One other "gotcha": if there are an abundance of foreclosure properties in the immediate area, this will DEFINITELY affect the marketability of your home! TRUE valuations take into consideration the very recent sales (closed deals < 3 months) and the duration of current listings. If nothing is selling, your prices are too high. Period.

"Comps" may NEVER be taken from across a major division of a neighborhood (e.g., Major highway, River, Freeway, Train Track). Comps must also conform to the general configuration of the subject property. The finished square footage must be within 5%. NEVER comp a two-story to a rambler (it is cheaper to build "up" than out). Condition is paramount. You must adjust for any differences (e.g., fireplaces, garage stalls, sprinkler systems, etc.).

If you want an accurate assessment, have a formal appraisal done by a competent licensed appraiser. The cost will be $325 to $350 in most areas (somewhat higher for proportionally higher value homes). Your next best bet would be a free Competitive Market Analysis by a licensed Realtor familiar with your neighborhood. Then give them a


Where is your neighborhood? I can research information for you but I need more information please! Contact a realtor for comps that have sold in your neighborhood or the area you are interested in!


Try They are very good and it's free but recent sales may not show up for a month or so. It does have all the comparative prices of houses around you, however.


Try your local real estate company’s web site first. A lot of them provide sold property info and they are way better than You have more selections on narrowing down the properties and get more recent sales as well. If you still can not find anything there, try or


if the county you live in has a web page, you may be able to check sales in the county auditors section, my husband is a house appraiser and that is one area he looks for sales in. just pull up the auditors website and in the property search section use the sales mode

Doctor Woot:

Sunni is correct in towns of even 100,000 my local paper, once a week of property sold, address and what was paid. So the site she speaks of is the county assayers web site


Type in, enter your town,state, etc. then locate the section that asks if you want an idea what your house is worth. This will give you listings around your domicile and what they are being listed for. This is a general idea of property value and yours will vary according to several variables.

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