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What does a sound card look like in the motherboard?


If you have a integrated sound - sound built into the motherboard - then it just looks like part of the inner-workings of the computer so to speak. However, if you have an actual sound card (I would say the vast majority do with desktop PC's at least) it looks like a circuit board and is attached to the back of your PC and can be clearly seen as a separate item - just like the video card etc - if the cover is removed from the computer.

Hope this helps ...



A separate sound card can be replaced or upgraded. Integrated sound can't be removed; however, a sound card can still be added to override it.


ty . It does help =)


If your sound card is on board then it's usually just three small plugs directly connected to the motherboard. If this is your problem then you should fit a PCI sound card. These are plugged into the lower part of the motherboard. You can't really repair a sound card only replace them.


I just want to know If I have one..I may buy one & install it - a better one ty =)


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