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How can we increase competition in health care to decrease sky rocketing health care costs?

As we all know, competition has a tendency to bring price down as the seller fights to gain your business. How can we increase competition in health care to bring cost down?Thanks,Ben

I think that it would be difficult as most insurance carriers are not self employed. Which means they get their insurance through the company their employer has already set up.

I did hear though that insurance companies are looking at decreasing premiums for the 'healthier' people. Which would mean the less risk you put them at the cheaper your insurance will be for the same amount of coverage.


Repeal all the laws that were passed in the 1970s that eliminated competition, and tied health care to employement.


Good point, Ed. Thanks for answering.


Hmmm wasn't Hillary working on that about 5 years ago or so. Wonder what happened!?


The drug companies began a lobbing campaign that won. Now, Hillary recieves more campaign funds from drug companies then any other Senator. Sad, but true.


Another reason not to put that woman in the white house.


exactly my point!!! Thanks all.


all smokers, drug addicts, and alcoholics pays 10 times as much insurance premium.

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