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Does watching movies on computer cause damage to computer


I would have to geuss, "I don't know".

Literally Speaking ™:

No it does not, however, if your getting those movies from a non reputable source, such as P2P or some other sharing program, you leave your pc open to virus infection.

J Man:

thanks for that info I still have a dvd that needs to be converted to my friends PSP but I have no vonverter


Watching downloaded movies or movies online doesn't damage your computer at all. Watching DVD's may cause normal wear and tear on the mechanical parts of your DVD drive, but shouldn't damage it really. I don't watch movies on my computer often because I don't like to use a $1200 machine to do the job of a $30 one.


i dontthinkso?
free "playing now" movies


That is the same site I have been watching from. It is legal?


Not if it's legitimate. If you are downloading viruses pretending to be movies, then obviously, that's not a good idea.


Using your computer at all is slowly causing it to deteriorate - but watching movies as opposed to doing office tasks should not be harming your computer in the least, so long as you are not downloading from illegal sources and letting a river of viruses flow into your vulnerable computer.

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