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Will we see a second world power on the world stage?

Which one? When? Please explain!

what happened to the british empire what happened to Soviet Empire what happened to numerous other powers? Islam has a history of defeating superpowers go look it up.


There will never be another country that will catch up to America's economy or Military might. What is more than likely to happen would be for America to fall.


...said Caesar.


God 2012. I can't splain.


Yes it will be the Muslims united once again they were the superpowers fo 1200+ years when they were united look whats happening now. Maybe when Jesus+mahdi come to help the muslims fight the evils of this world. The West deliberately cut up the ottoman Empire on purpose so they would fight each other and the west gets richer and makes all the money if you dont know what im talking about just read up on WW1 and the middle east and the ottoman empire. the muslims are being punished like Allah punished the jews for centuries because we forgot allah and allowed such evils as secularism and racism(look whats happening in iraq right now). The West will continue to fight islam because its not the muslims that hate islam its the West that hates muslim subconciously. They even did 9/11 to have an excuse to slander islam and to attack muslim people and take over as much of muslim lands as possile. The occupation in iraq will never end and Israel will try to take over the middle east. We will never let them. inshallah the final superpower will be that of Jesus the Prophet and the United Muslims. jesus not son of God as the Christians like to lie.


no i don't think so


you forgot islam


You forgot US economic mismanagement & cronyism ;)

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