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I downloaded a keygen file, but i can't open it.... how do u open a -lf file?

i bought Comic Book Creator 6.67, and it had ot be unzipped. I unzipped it, and it came with an -lf file, but i can't open it. It's the keygen for the program. I can download the file, but it want a serial number, or an activation code? how can i get that from the keygen/ -lf file??? please help me, it's for a school project.

you can use a generic program to open the text file such as notepad, however you should try to contact the company first for support.


You know keygens are for thieves, why steal the software someone took the time to write, they deserve to earn some money too, so if you need the program why not just buy it?


i did. the company isn't selling it naymore, and i don't have time to wait. i bought it... from another site, the only other place it sold it, i didn't know it was a keygen until after.. and idk how to use it..


I've never had to deal with this type of file, but when you open it in Notepad, what does it do? Some files are just plaintext with a different extension (normally .txt or .html)


We neither condone nor discuss keygens or other forms of software piracy here.

Further, how are you sure, really sure, that your machine won't get owned when you fire up that program? It's not worth the risk to you.


Well, if you bought the program then there should be no need for a keygen. Keygens, serials, and activation codes are for programs which are downloaded and the illegaly made into full versions, without limitations. Now because this is a computer question and I don't know what you are going to use it for and quite frankly I don't really care, I am going to answer the question. The type of file is a SoftwareKey licence file. What you need to do is one of two things. Either copy and paste it into the program files folder of the program, or the program itself will ask for th files when you start it up, In which case you give it. Now, if you did not pay money for the lf file and you do not own it it is ILLEGAL, and you can be charged.Alot.


you need Utorrent but a keygen file is a key generator for what ever crack you are using and will only work with the software that was cracked with it try win rar also


the file is to be placed in the directory of the program install

Ok...I own Comic Book Creator 2, paid a couple hundred bucks for it when it first came out and have made several books with it. I had a crash on XP and decided to move up to windows 7. I installed CBC on my C drive and it stated running in Demo mode which cuts out the main part of the program, namely the ability to export and/or print the finished work. I called the company to activate the program and was told that as of Dec. 31, 2009 they no longer manufacture, sell or support CBC,that the company has been sold, changed its name etc. and that activation was not possible. I agree its...whatever to buy illigal software, but what if you are in this there any way to get the software to work as it once did when activation was available?
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