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How can I wipe my computer clean without the restore disks? I have lost or misplaced the disks

is there a way while my computer is running fine to make a restore disk so that I can restore my computer when it has a problem? my original restore disks have been lost on one of them contained drivers, how can I make two more disks that contain all that stuff in case I ever need it. or can it be done? my computer is an HP running XP home, I would really appreciate your help on this.

I am in need of wiping my computer clean too. I was told that if I put in the XP disc it will give you an option to use the disc to write over everyting and start from the begining. First you have to back up all files onto disc or you will loose it. I am having low memory problems so I bought an external storage drive and moved everything in to that. On Monday, my first day off in six, I am going to wipe my compter clean with the XP disc and hope for the best. If it works I should get a new computer and will have to re-install alot of stuff but should be worth it. I should get a bunch of memory back.


Every HP computer I have seen comes with Recovery on a partition of the HD. Unless your HD has been reformatted since you purchased it Recovery should be on your HD. This recovery will take it back to the way it was when you first unpacked the computer.


First of all if your running home you can use the restore function to bring your computer back to a time when it was working better you will find that in programs then accessories then system tools.
You can also get a new restore disk right from HP just call them. Make sure to Backup all your stuff in any case.


Thank you BMC I have used the system Restore, before and it worked great, I guess as long as I can do that I am safe, I just worry about not having the disks. i will contact hp and get some new ones though.


Good luck, and thanks for the reply.


There are 3rd party imaging utilities like Acronis TrueImage and Partition Magic that both work well. Alternatively, you can get Knoppix and use it to make an image. Knoppix is quite powerful but not at all user friendly.


Knoppix is free btw (


Thank you, I will check it out. :)


if you haven`t deleted the recovery partition you can restore your computer to its factory shipped condition but the restore discs from hp do the same thing otherwise third party software to clone images of your hard drive is probably the easiest and an external hard drive is by far the safest


you will find the option to make a restore disk in your control panel


Thank you James, I am going to look

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