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What does it mean when windows network says "connected with limited connectivity"?

My other computer doesn't connect but i get the message connected with limited connectivity, what does that mean and how do i change it?

Hope you get an alert for this, but limited/no connectivity simply means that it succesfuly found a physical connection but has not obtained the information it needs to use it (IP information specifically.) Right click on the connection and choose repair, if this does not work rebout your router/what ever device your computer is plugged into.


It usually mean it connected to your LAN or router, but not the internet. At least that's usually the case with me. It could also mean a weak signal if you're using wireless, and could simply slow things down.


Yes but my router still connects my 1st computer to the internet. My 2nd computer doesn’t connect because of this message. I restarted my router and pressed the reset button and still am having problems. What else can I do?


Your router or cable modem needs reset. Sometimes your ISP's internet service could be down. But most often, it's your router that needs to be reset. I know with some routers, you can reset them remotely. Or, it maybe possible that someone one your network is using a lot of bandwidth but, unlikely. Check your cables just in case. But, reseting your router will fix it probably.


Here is what Microsoft Support says about your problem.


Yes but my router still connects my 1st computer to the internet. My 2nd computer doesn’t connect because of this message. I restarted my router and pressed the reset button and still am having problems. What else can I do? I call d-link and they usually help but this may be a faster avenue for help if I get the right answer, not meaning I have fixed the problem, but rather the public knowledge base may help faster, although not as of yet. But thanks for the answer.


It normally means your internet is down. If you are on a router, then reset it. Close Internet Explorer and re-open after the router has re-set.


First Check your network server or the router if it's on then see if it give an automatic IP or not.
Or check your 1st computer IP address right click on the network connection icon then status after that details usually like IP
you have to set your 2nd manually in properties then click on internet protocol then properties set the IP to then the sub to and the gate like this after that set the DNS to
Hope it resolve your problem.


You are not operating at the proper Data transfer rate, weak wireless signal or other problems if using wired, check the settings in network connections for your Ethernet it is best run on half duplex and depending on your equip. either 10/100 or 100/1000, set it to wide open maybe that will help

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