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Does gigabit ethernet affect the speed of the internet compared to 100mbps ethernet?

I'm not sure whether it's worth the premium to get a gigabit ethernet router. I'll also have to buy a network card for my computer as it only has 100mbps, not 1000.
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I'm thinking about either the D-Link DIR-635 or DIR-655. 635 100mbps, 655 1000mbps. I'll be maximum 12m away with 3 jibrock walls. No concrete or brick. Decent price difference. If I get 6mbps with 100mbps ethernet, what type of speed will I get, say 1m away from the (802.11n) wireless router?

Paper Trader:

Gigabit ethernet is primarily a business use variety referring to the total amount of traffic their ethernet system can handle. As ChuckBuc stated, it won't affect your home at all.
Think of it as a garden hose. You change from a skinny hose to a fatter one and noticed the increase in water flow. But buying a Fire Hose won't increase what you've already got. You only have a certain amount of "water" fed to your house.

Just regular ethernet, with CAT 5 cable, has more than enough for household needs (unless you have a thousand computers on-line at the same time.)

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ok. thanks greg. i think i'll stick with the cheaper and easier ethernet cables i have now and not bother about gigabit ethernet. as i said before, i'll probably get the dir-635 from D-Link.


what is the purported numbers for send and receive from your ISP. You are not likely to benefit from anything better the 10 mbps through put.
The thing you will benefit from is transfers from two computer on the same network.

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ok. thanks for that. i won't be doing any transfers so the only thing that matters for me is whether i'll lose a lot of internet speed when usign the wireless router.

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I'm now reading the D-Links aren't very good, especially the cheaper versions. I'm not sure which cheap 802.11n router to get now. TO THE RESEARCH!


802.11n is still not 'official', being brand new you want to make sure that your current wireless NIC can support to take advantage of it. For that mater many of the machines/cards over 2 years old want support 'g' and you will be forced to use 'b' or mixed mode. Just FYI for things to check on, good luck with the upgrades.

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Thanks for that. I'm actually getting a laptop in a couple of weeks (waiting for it to be delivered) (with an 11n compatible wireless card) and will be using a wired connection for desktop and wireless for laptop. I might end up getting the linksys WRT150n for AU$113 or see if the shop can get the d-link dir-635 in for (internet price) AU$165.

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