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help, my speakers are making this continual clicking sound

the speakers for my computer when turned on is making this clicking sound, as if a key is permanetely pressed down. It has been doing this for a while anyone have any idea what this could possibly be?

This Yahoo Mail Help site has instructions on how to stop the clicking sound:​tml


Thanks alot, it solved the problem at the very root. However if I turn it on, it comes back of course. Do you have any idea why it could be doing that? It is as if a button is permanetly down. Thanks again.


I never had this problem before Yahoo introduced the Email Beta in 2006. Yahoo admitted that changes they made for Vista caused the 'Clicking' and they can't figure out how to stop it other than the instructions at their site.


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actually it appears to be coming also through a set of head phones I just tried.


sneakers? kind alike Agent 49 on that old t.v. show?


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Still Changing:

Maybe its a code from aliens.


then make it stop!!! Please just make it stOP!

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