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How do I stop word 2007 from skipping a line every time I hit enter? It is like double spacing.

Every time I type with word 2007, it skips a line when I hit "enter." In the older versions of word, "enter" would go right to the next line. In 2007, it skips a line. Is there an option somewhere to change? It is like double spacing, but that is not what it is (already checked it).

Oh, that's easy. My friends have problems with this (but don't care 'cause their paper is longer ;-)
What you do is you click the big "No Spacing" button on the styles toolbar in the "Home" tab. You also should notice the office button's "Save as Office 97/2003 document" because Office 2007 use some sort of "Open XML" format and not many people decided to download Microsoft's compatibility pack.
In case you're wondering, the real double spacing is in the button that has lines and arrows pointing away from each other. It's hard to notice.


Thanks, that was easier than I thought!


No prob :-D


May be a glitch in your program. Mine works just fine. Double check your settings. Maybe you missed something.

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