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As they guys say this sounds problematic, however there is another possibility. Some external drives cannot be powered directly from only one usb port - I've had exactly what you describe happen. Check out and try the following.

1 If you are using a usb extension cable remove it and plug in directly.

2 If you are using an unpowered usb hub, same applies.

3 Try a 'Y' splitter which will allow you to plug in your drive to two usb ports at the same time.

Hope one of these solutions works for you, I've tried all three under different circumstances with a brand new drive that did what yours is doing and found each of them work.

Literally Speaking ™:

If the drive is clicking, it's probably already failed mechanicaly but your data can be restored using a service such as the one on the link below.

Be aware, none of the data recovery services like that are cheap, so you need to decide if your data is worth their prices.


I had an external HD that started clicking still worked but cannot be trusted with important data, of course I lost a few movies but nothing really important.
A few months ago my laptop HD started clicking as well which couldn't even get working so I lost all my music but backed up my important data.
One way to get that data back is though a data recovery service which go into a clean room with masks and the whole get up and get the data transferred to a media of your choosing. That will cost a few thousand dollars from what I have heard.
It all depends on how important that data is.
Tip: always back up your data on other media on your house and try to back up offsite (ex. house catches fire). Try online backup price isn't too bad in the US. unlimited back-up space (pay) 5GB free 1GB free


probably going bad


try transfer to online storage

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