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How secure is skydrive storage ?? Is it safe from prying eyes ?


As long as you set your security, i.e. not sharing; or set permissions on what you do share and to whom, it is very secure.


What about a docx file that is password (password protected in Word 2007) protected and zipped?

I have EXTREMELY important information in the document. (on the level of social security numbers)

Does anyone think that it is safe in SkyDrive?


probably as safe as any site can be... I always make sure I have back ups though... and I still wouldnt store sensitive information anywhere like that...


Yes I use it all the time, the only thing is make sure you don't set it to the public, also if someone knows your e-mail and password for Windows Live ID then they can get into it, other than that it is very helpful instead of e-mail your self to get files...


It's secure from the public. I'm sure that the folks at MS could access your files. If you're concerned, just encrypt your files.


Even if SkyDrive seems to be pretty safe as long as you don't screw up with the permissions, I would agree that really sensitive stuff could use an extra level of protection.

One comment regarding Office files and their built-in password protection: The password protection of Office files up to (and including) Office 2003 is known to be rather weak, and can not be trusted. (I have personally cracked and opened "protected" files in those formats. Office 2007 and 2010 use 128 bit AES, and offers much stronger protection. BUT: Like many others, I sometimes save files in the old formats (e.g., *.doc instead of *.docx), and then you are back to the weak protection. Of course, no encryption method will compensate for a poorly chosen password...

Compression utilities like WinZip, WinRAR, 7-zip and others gives you the possibility to password protect any type of file. Just keep in mind that even if Windows has some built-in capability of handling zip archives, and protect the contained files with a password, it will NOT be able to handle the stronger types of encryption offered by those third party archivers. Personally, I like 7-zip, which is open source, free and powerful.

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