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is tin a non-ferrous metal?

i have about 250-350 lbs. of 9.999 pure tin. i am trying to sell it,but the local recyclers dont know its value. i have seen world trade prices online @ around 10$ lb. any one know anything about tin?

The "ferrous" metals are iron, and if you mean magnetic, cobalt and nickle. So tin is not.


tin is mostly made of steel/iron
Sorry dude, I worked on metal buildings for years.


Its galvenized steel or iron usually.


sorry, again- tin is NOT a ferrous metal, period. And what galvanization is the use of zinc, not tin.


dude! google it!


Tin is a base metal, look it up on the periodic table Michael. What is commonly called 'tin' like a tin can is not really tin, its galvanised steel as you say. But that's not really tin.


as of today tin is selling at 14.48 per lb. it is not a ferrous metal and you can sell it to a scrap yard to get some money for it though it will not be 14.48 it would probally be closer to 11.00 per lb.


no scrap yard is dumb enough to pay $11 per pound, its more 11 cents per pound

Im Not Exactly Sure Thats Why Im Looking At This Page!
I Haave Figured It Out. Its Non-Ferrous
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