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Can anyone tell me why my computer is jumping from one site to another without me clicking on it?

It's been acting very strange for a couple of days, right in the middle of doing something the computer will jump back to a different site! Kind of like it has a mind of it's own:)

run your virus program junebug.. ....


Hi mom will do that right away, hope i didn't catch something:) Thanks. Did you get my email??


got one the other day.... the one about the comment on my question.... I think I went to the question to comment ..... sorry if I forgot to send back :(((


Hey Junebug: do not have an answer but if it's any consolation--mine is doing some(((


Well now this is a surprise:):) It's very nice to see you on a question that I ask, even if you didn't have a answer:):) LOL Take care and hope to see you on one of the new sites. Maybe we have special computers that have someone in there trying to tell us something:) LOLOLOL




It sounds like a posible sticking error June! Try signing off, shutting down and waiting 10 minutes and then re-booting! Take care and have fun...see ya later! ;)xoce♥


Hi CE:) I don't believe that's the problem, it's been going on for a few days now. Thanks!


So you have had it down and it is still doing it-
then run the windows live safety scan and then 'spybot' whcih will fix anything that live doesn't find
just search from microsoft update


Listen to the Dame ..June, she knows what she's talking about! :)XO♥


Need to run a spyware/virus check on your computer. Your browser shouldn't be redirecting sites like that.


It may be virus Please try to scan your computer with malware byte,and if it does not work try scan your computer with superantispyware and last do scan with smithfraudfix to fix your issue but remember create restore point before scanning your computer and should be updated the software.

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