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How do I get my clothing designs either professionally or mass produced?


You have to have some serious financial backing or you would have had to have your designs "recognized" by the right people.

Once your fashions are being produced you will have to market them to various outlets ... from K-Mart to Sacks. That too will cost moeny.

Good luck.


You are going to have to start networking with wholesale manufactures for the type of product you want to move. I done this myself a few years ago and it will cost money for the jig or the pattern or you can use a pre exsisting pattern for less money. I did gift boxes so that was different than clothes. But that is what you will be up against. Start emailing people in your industry. You can also do a google for clothing wholesale manufacturers and that will get you somewhere to start. Be sure to have a business plan in place so you are not stuck with 10 thousand pairs of jeans and no buyer. I also am interested in doing something similiar. Message me.

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