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Why does Christ ask Peter/Simon if he loves Him 3 times in a row, in John 21?

Himalayan style:

confirmation after he denied him 3 times!!!


I maybe wrong but I though Jesus told Peter that he would deny him 3 times went he would be capture,I think peter was the one that got up boldly and say no Jesus we will not let you be capture


As Wolverine stated it was Jesus' way by asking him in the variables how he truly felt about JESUS, in preparation for his future MInistry as Peter was to be the Rock, also it proved how even when we fall, fail and dissapoint THE LORD, he will always take us back when we have a REPENTANT HEART.

JESUS was searching Peter's heart. Testing him for AGAPE & PHILEO LOVE.Self sacrificing, personal and brotherly love..

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Bible prophecy said this, who knows for sure if it was honest words or a parable.


In the Bible, three is for emphasis. This was asked after Jesus" resurrection. Jesus had work for Peter and the other disciples to do. This was the preaching work of Gods Kingdom. Peter was the "rock", he was given the 3 keys of the Kingdom. This meant that he had to preach first to the Jews, then the Samaritans, and finally to the Gentiles. Peter went to the Roman Officer, Cornelius, who was Gentile and the first Gentile to become a Christian. (A footstep follower of Christ, not a 'christian' by name only).

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