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Adam aka Preacher

I just got called a "bible thumper" I suppose I should cry? I will not post the q where it

happened. I count it a joy actually.

I'll tell you what? I will gladly post the nonsense you are spewing out.​1E44

Adam aka Preacher:

You are the one who made it more than it was Brando. Simon and I agreed to take it to live space.


Bible thumper is different than a devout Christian. In fact, most Bible thumpers are not Christians. A bible thumper is one who uses the Bible to hurt, condemn, or otherwise belittle someone else regardless of that person's religion.

Adam aka Preacher:

I do not know if that was a compliment or not. I'll say thanks in hopes it was a compliment. Also did anyone see Simons q. He got saved.​882B
Apparently he did not consider my comments hurtful.

Adam aka Preacher:

It was a compliment to be called that.


How are you Jesus? I hope all is fine.
As far as you, pal, the one above that claims to be this loving, Christian, I in no way was complimenting you. Far from it.
I think you have a warped interpretation of the Bible, and God. As a matter of fact, I think you believe yourself to be Jesus Christ, in the way you act around here.
On that link I posted above, you came back and posted further comments. You are a mean spirited, hateful man. Why am I not surprised.
You are simply a hypocrite. Plain and simple.
You still have not answered my question I directed at you on that link. Since when is it adultery, to have attraction for a woman, or women? To be sexually attracted to the opposite sex, is very normal, and healthy. Sex is a beautiful thing between two individuals. And all you did was demean and degrade it. You are a wicked man, that thinks of himself as righteous and above all others.
I am not in the habit of giving people like you, compliments. If I ever do, you wont have to sit here and convince yourself that I did.


If you did take what I said as a compliment, one sure wouldn't know it, based on your further reponses to me on that question. Here, I will remind you.​1E44
"Thanks simon. See you around. Like I told you once you get saved does not mean your life will be easy you will still face people like the ones above who wish to insult and inflame."
I think you need to read a bit more of that Bible you preach about. You are a hypocrite.


To me, a "bible thumper" is one who uses religion as a weapon to condemn others, which we as Christians are not supposed to do. Being religious and spiritual does not make you a "bible thumper". I've known many deeply religious people who express nothing but love and friendship to all people they meet, regardless of how "good" or "bad" they seem.


That is exactly what he did. Condemn others.
I will gladly post the question. You may check out the comments section in the question area.​1E44


me too.. amen


lol super i swear im not stalking you lolol my answer should be above yours lolololol


I see what you mean, Brando.


Don't worry, be happy.

Each has their own interpretation of words, easily changed from mouth to ear,( or in this case, keyboard to eye).


I actually expected worse, consider who it came from and just move on. You did a good thing back there, stand tall, but not too tall, and give the glory where it is due. . .to the almighty. Amen


Hi Mama. Well it came from me. lol :)


I know it came from you I saw if first hand. I also know why you said it. To each his own Brando.


Bible Thumper huh? Well Preacher, that is the best compliment a God Fearing man could get. Dont worry about it, I always look forward to your answers they are filled with good advice and the truth. Sometimes people just arent ready for the truth, even when they think they are...myself included!


nah I dont think so... that kind of an honor isnt it?


I saw the q you mentioned, and though I don't share your religious views, I defended you and the others mentioned. The form and forum of this posters rants were inappropriate, and I felt I had to say so.
I'm new here, ( a week), and though I've posted my share of rants, I tried to be appropriate.
Anyway, thanks. Just wanted to be supportive


Sure as long as it's joyful tears lol...I'm sure God is very pleased at the way you handled the situation...:)


No, don’t cry. But you should rationally analyze the situation that put you into that position and try to learn from it.


Hi Jerry. :) Long time no see.
Check out the comments section in the question area. The guy is out of line as far as I am concerned.​1E44


heyyy bububu im fine, i have to start supper so im off of here for a while but ill be back gods love to yall


Hey Brando. I hunted down the question before I commented. I agree. He was out of line.


Hello Sis! I had to start dinner, too. I made dinner for the wife's birthday.


you are a good husband you are to be admired ..i can tell your marriage has been annointed ..i have never met her on here ..but she is a good person just talking to you a person can tell that have good ears lol you are blessed by being as one i always thought valmac was your wife for some reason lol she is so sweet i like to talk to her she is real ..............and very smart that is why i always pictured that because you have much wisdom yourself yaknow god bless bubu i wish you smiles for the day and day after ,,you seek you will find ..always me my good freind are hard to find i stalk to find you at times lolololo


Preach- to me , that is no insult, neither is it a compliment. I bear no feeling one way, or the other. I would not, however, ever take an insult being called that.
BTW- I find you to be no "Bible Thumper", at all.
Yoou are a religious person, and i respect that.


Don't let it sway you just because someone's a leftist. Stick to the right.


Aww dude! Why asounder, why? I thought this was a discussion about religion, not politics.


Hey.... my friend called me that a while ago. I took it as a complement. At least she realizes I'm happy.


No, your conversation was one on one and was welcomed by the recipient. I don't share your beliefs yet you have never preached to me. Any interaction you have is one on one and you don't push unless someone opens the door or it's an intellectual debate. You state your opinions and beliefs as yours, you verify your sources when in debate but no, I have never seen you push.

There is always strong feelings when it comes to discussions of religion and faith but rude is simply rude and speaks of it's source.


Yes take it as a compliment!

Adam aka Preacher:

I did


Too bad. It wasn't. :)


OH WELL Brando-


Preacher, I read the question and your answer.

...that's not thumping as I see it. You're not notorious for that. o_o

Adam aka Preacher:

I appreciate that Rev. I took it to live space, because the coc says not to use qna as "chat". Still some had to step in anyway, when it was not his/her business.


i dont consider you a thumper... youre a pretty good christian from what i can see...

you know you have my respect preacher... but im just a godless atheist to most christians so my respect for you may be less valuable than if i were a

Adam aka Preacher:

Not at all I appreciate that. Thanks.

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