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What is the meaning of a matron, and the duty of a matron in the baptist church


From the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church: The Matron's Society endeavors to make opportunities and resources available to address the changing needs and concerns of people in our community. They meet regularly to discuss the Bible and are involved in charitable activities in the community.
Keep us, O God from pettiness; let us be large in thoughts, in words, and in deeds. Let us be done with faultfinding and leaving off self-seeking. Let us dedicate our talents and give of our time, influence and means of teaching or spreading the Christian religion at home and abroad; to put into action our better impulses, towards our fellowman; to read the Bible daily and continue in prayer. To these ends, we pledge to devote ourselves and seek divine aid and guidance daily that we may become a living witness and a bright and shining light for our Lord

From the Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church:
The Matrons are a ancillary of Missionary Society and are witnesses for God's Simple Plan of Salvation to a lost world by demonstrating Christ In Us through various works of charity, comfort and encouragement to persons outside the church who are in need, regardless of their moral/spiritual situations.
We serve as hands and feet of the Body of Christ to those not currently part of the God's Family, praying always that the unconverted may marvel at the sincerity of Christian love and attracted to the Author of it.
Isaiah 6:8 - Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
"Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"


Thanks CW20 the information on matrons was very helpful.
God Bless


I know that a Matron is a female who has a rank in a church position.

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