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What is the difference between a "believer" and a "Christian" if any?

Valentin Alsina News:

I'm a Christian and I'm a Believer. They are the same thing. If you are a Christian you consider yourself a believer. You believe that Jesus Christ is God. It is all the same thing.


A "believer" can be someone who believes in anything, but I would typically use it for someone who believes there is a God (goddess, deity, supreme intelligence, etc). A Christian believes Jesus died on the cross to absolve their "sins" and that if they accept Jesus as their savior and repent their sins they will go to Heaven, or survive the Apocalypse, or some variation of that particular belief. Short recap: A "believer" believes in a God and a Christian believes in Jesus and whatever their interpretation of the Bible says.


one is religious and gets defined by religion.


Good answer!


satan believed in God's being, he even was spoken of as being among the Christians, you have to abide by his teachings.


A deist believe in a higher power, but doesn't believe any of the many fairy tales written by man to explain him.


Another good one.

Tangent Bill:

There is no difference. Christians are the believers.


All Christians are believers, but not all believers are Christian. I think you're trying to address the issue of "true" believers.


Raindancer, I can answer your comments as a Christian, and tell you from the Christian stance:

The Bible uses the term "believer" which comes from the greek word "Pistos" and means //////one who has become convinced that Jesus is the Messiah and author of Salvation////////


But, that would only be when discussing Christianity specifically. If a group of people were discussing evolution, those who believe evolution is correct could be called believers. When discussing religion in general, many refer to any one who believes in any deity as a "believer" as opposed to "non-believers" (atheists). If we were discussing Wicca, you would be an unbeliever (or cowan). It all depends on the context. However, in general discussion of religion, many Christians only consider Christians to be "true" believers.


"Believer" does not always equal "Christian".
"Christian" always equals "believer".

Very simple.

Healthy devil:

Believers are common, real Christians are very rare.

Believers have accepted Paul's gospel (Christ died for our sins)

But Jesus did not preach Paul's gospel... that Original gospel of his is called the Kingdom Gospel... and very few people follow that Kingdom Gospel, or even know what it is. This public resource explains the difference between these two gospels, and thus explains the difference between a believer and a real Christian.


Lakely, there is only 1 Gospel.


Amen, and I have presented it to you from the Bible from several different angles. The "gospel" you believe was for the Jews under the Old Testament. Those Jews who believed on their Messiah later on obeyed the New Testament gospel, and became Christians. Jesus Christ is not a Christian, and there were NO Christians in existence until 50 days after his resurrection from the dead. That is what Moses and the prophets wrote of, and that is what happened. Paul was an apostle of God, and will condemn you at the judgment; for he was used of God to give the way of salvation to you, and you have spurned it, and chosen rather to live under the law, and convince yourself that you are a god. Woe unto you!


Chistian applies to those of a particular faith. Believer can be any theist whether they are a Christian theist or non-christian theist.


it is saying basically the same thing. "Christian" is more specific, but a "believer" when the term is used is meant to mean one who has placed their faith in Christ Jesus, as their Lord and Savior.


A believer is one who says he believes in God, and a Christian is one who obeys God according to the Bible. "The devils also believe, and tremble..." "Faith without works is dead, being alone."...

? B~ The Divalicious ?:



In our selves nothing is different. We have the same nature and it needs to be a mindful decision we keep before us to model after Christ. Spiritually, we are different. We are adopted sons and daughters of God. Prayer, Bible, and fellowship help us to grow in understanding. Our lives are a journey watched by God, God does intercede for us and speaks to us in a still small voice.

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