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If you die before you are baptized will you not go to Heaven ???


Getting baptized is not how one gets to heaven. You must accept Jesus Christ in your heart and admit to being a sinner and that he died on the cross for you and me and everyone. It is a simple prayer and getting baptized is more of a public display


Baptism has nothing to do with going to heaven. It is an act of identification. The Campbellites and others have distored the meaning to make it the means of salvation rather than the profession.
See my web site - for a simple explanation.


Jesus says in John 3:5 ..." Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

However, (IMHO) this is talking about a grown man. Anyone who dies before the age of accountability will not be barred from Heaven. Also those who are not mentally capable of understanding what baptism is will not be judged unworthy because they did not preform this ordinance.


Let me specify that the "kingdom of God" is the Celestial kingdom and there are lesser degrees of glory (Heaven) to which you can enter without being baptized. So I guess that would depend on what you consider Heaven.


We are all innocents, and thus saved....why judicate?....Release yourself, we are all saved....Peace


No but I was baptized when I was 2 weeks old so I was free from sin. NOw I must ask forgiveness and try to live a good life so I can return to Heaven!


You have made your confession to your soul and am not ashamed anymore....You are forgiven already and need not ask of it anymore, go in peace, and where ever you go you will meet acceptance and warmth and it will be as if it were prepared before you....Peace


You must ask yourself, Lisa.... what if there is no heaven?

What then?


how will you know if you live a good enough life?


You are Now walking in a good, in the garden of heaven unseeing but seen..Peace.


Are you asking or wanting to share a sermon? If you die before your sermon will you go to heaven?


Well, maybe not, depend if He quotes Rev. Wright or not....Maybe Hell?


I'm not a preacher ... I was told that if you are not baptized you will not go to Heaven


Darling do you really think the God of mercy would hold such pettiness invented by those that would stand between YOU and God?


I just grabbed a GET OUT OF HELL FREE card from a geocache - looks like its from a Monopoly game - very cool! You can get them at


Thanks I need one of these...LOL....Peace.


There is no heaven, johnny.

The way is not in the sky, it is through the Dharma. Achieving nirvana is the ultimate goal of any being. If you do not, you will always be reborn into the Samsara. (circle of birth and death)


thought Buddha wanted out of the reincarnation cycle, how is what you say any different from hindu belief?

Nat*lee 24/7:

I hope when I see you realize otherwise that it will still be amusing to see a stunned expression on people who learn the truth! LOL

So many like you are just a riot!


Buddhism and Hinduism are very close to each other in that respect.

A Buddha is an enlightened individual that will pass out of the Samsara once he or she dies. They will not be reborn. (parinirvana)

soonvapor, what is funny?


So basically reaching moksha and becoming part of Brahma? Guess they are closer than I thought, however am I correct in saying that Buddhism has no gods like Hinduism?


Hey Monk, let's say your wrong. Isn't eternity TOO long to spend in the wrong place?

Bball Star:

If there is a Heaven, which I hope really hope there is, I believe so.


Being baptized has nothing to do with going to heaven. Going to heaven is based on relationship, are you right with God? The way to be right with God is to accept his gift of Jesus who made that possible. As far as babies, God has that worked out and he takes them to be with him baptized or not.


That depends on your motives. Baptism is symbolic of a decision. If you have made that decision, you will go to heaven whether you have been baptised or not.

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