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is there financial help for mothers of autistic children that can't work outside of the home?


I criedwhen i readyou lettertome and you where spot on thanks.


You should be able to file paperwork for Social Security Disabillity for your children. Please call the telephone number in the is an 800 cost to you.
Explain the situation to them, and make certain that you at least file the paperwork for your children. In cases where there is only one parent, and the parent is prevented from working because of the severity of the childs' disability, I think that there are special circumstances in which the amount of money will be more than if you were able to work.

Another resource is the National Center for Autism. They can help you obtain financial assistance from a number of places.

On a personal note, I have a son with PDD, which is a form of autism. He takes up all of my time and effort. Your local school district is REQUIRED to have your child tested by the child study team, diagnosed, and you are entitled to many services through the school district. The services could be anywhere from in home therapies to schooling in special education classes. Even if your child does not have any language skills, there are classes that handle only autistic children, on different levels. It is absolutely essential that we, as parents of autistic children, attempt to provide the most normal environments possible. Our school district has been wonderful in obtaining the proper resources, schooling, busing, meals, therapies, camp and social/psychological services.

I know that you feel alone and frustrated. When I got the diagnosis for my son I cried, and I continue to cry. I go to therapy (for myself) and realized that I am crying and mourning the loss of the things that I had hoped for my son. I am mourning the fact that he won't live on his own without assistance, that he won't marry, that he won't have children of his own or hold down a job with management potential. I cry for all of those things. I know that you probably do too. If you wan

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