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When is it ok to let a child choose their own path in life? Does every child have to be an....

academic success? If a child chooses to walk the road less traveled and it is NOT on a self destructive path do you as a parent support them even though this is not what you had dreamed of for them?
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They don't have to be an academic success, though they would have more earning potential if they pursued education beyond high school.

My youngest chose this route, and has proven to be a responsible young adult, although he is struggling financially. I'm quite proud of the fact that he has been living Alone, on his own, since shortly after his graduation and subsequent 18th birthday.

He enjoys what he's doing, and that's all that really matters, isn't it?


How do you define an 'academic success'? Doing well in school? Getting a good job because of education? People can be academic successes, even if not doing well in school or their jobs. I wish more people learned simply to learn. Most people go to school in hopes of getting a good job.. which in turn leads to more money. Why can't people go to school just to learn? Or teach themselves? I'm sure some people do.. but not the majority at all.

I'm not a parent, so please forgive me for making this comment, but I think a parent should be mature enough to accept any decision his or her children make. Even if it is self-destructive. People shouldn't be parents if they are not prepared to make that decision of accepting whatever their children want to do in life.


let the child freely explore the world in terms of life path; academics are nonsense unless you want a job that requires them.


18 years old. Encourage a good path from birth to 18 yrs.


Hey Sunygrl...i think we need to always believe in our kids, to encourage our kids and to accept them for who they are and for who they are not...not every kid is an academic success...i am a big believer that we are all put here for a purpose and we are all given what we need to fulfill that purpose, as far as talent, drive, smarts,, if something is lacking, then it isnt needed...i believe that...i also realize there are different kinds of smarts...yes education is important, but most of my education came from life, not the books...

as far as pushing? it your son struggling? or lazy and unfocused? if your son is struggling and has other talents, i would just accept his limits because to push him might really hurt his self-esteem, but if he is just being lazy or focused on other things and neglecting his work, i would push him, because right now, his job is school and he needs to learn how to focus and do the best he can at the task at hand, that is what will be expected of him in his jobs...i would demand he does his best...if his best is a C, that is fine, accept that, but if his best is an A and he is bringing home C's then I wouldnt accept will limit his future and he will regret it someday and wonderwhy you didnt force him to do his best...


my mother always said if you're working in a supermarket, but you're happy then i'm happy, and it's always been quite liberating to be able to choose what i want to do, my brother has also had the same freedom, i'm doing architecture at university and my brother is a software engineer, you shouldn't push a child into doing something they dont want to do, i did ballet for 14 years, of my own accord and i saw so so many girls who wanted to be out doing other things, other disciplines or whatever, playing an instrument or going out on weekends with their friends, but they were made be at ballet 20 hours a week because their mothers always wanted to dance or couldn't or for whatever reason... i believe you should always always be totally supportive of whatever a child wants to do if they know they want to do it bad enough, you only live once, and what's a life lived if you dont get to do what you really want to do....?


It is the hardest thing in the world to let them go and do their own thing.I would say after high school graduation.
My daughter is 19 and moved out at eighteen. We supported her all the way. Even though I cried everytime she left the house.


when did your parents allow you to choose seems as though they did a good job


Every day. your roll as a parent is to guide your children in the direction of happiness. helping them along the way with the experiences you have learned. Here is an example: your 6 month old wants to go outside and roll in the grass. you know this because the child is banging on the door in a manor that denotes let me out. you aren't going to say no you can't go outside because there are bees in the grass. you will go to the grass and check it for danger. your child is now happy being outsid in the grass. Guide them to happiness but let them choose the path.

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