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Is there a minimum age at which a child can legally operate a riding lawn mower?


Our neighbors allow their 7 yr. old son to operate a commercial mower. They have a huge yard with rolling hills. All the controls are levers (no steering wheel or foot brakes). His feet don't even reach the 'floor'. He drives like it's a 4 wheeler


I would say to be on the smart and safe side... READ the maker's MANUAL... so you won't be in trouble employing sombody underage.

But if it is your relative and you care about him/her your instinct will tell you.

Good luck!


I don't think there is, but safety should be in mind when operating a mower.


Nope. You don't even need a license to operate some ultra-light aircraft / mini-helicopters. It just depends on the weight of the machine.

I love jared:

Okay, maybe I need glasses. After expounding on the virtues of a kid that can mow a lawn, I realized I was talking about a "push" mower. So much for that spiel. However, I still stand by most of what I said in my aborted post. If the kid can reach the controls and safely handle the machine then more power to them. It will make them a better car driver. If the "worried neighbor" has concerns about the issue of safety, then it is incumbent upon the "worried neighbor" to air those concerns with the kids parents. I think somebody would respect the fact that someone was concerned for their childs safety. As for the "LEGAL" age at which a child may operate a riding lawn mower...I think that age should be 56(hahahaha). Before I sign off. I believe that the operation of a riding lawn mower would fall under "Homeowners Insurance" I don't think there is actually a "legal age" for riding lawn mowers.

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