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okay should i leave my husband he killed my dog.

opinions please

From your comments; I would be very concerned. He needs to get some help, before he hurts you or one of your children.
He shot the dog, just because it was barking?
What if your child was crying, and didn't stop? You need to think about this.
We can't tell you what to do. You have to make up your own mind. But, I would try to get him some help; or get you and the kids away from him for a while.
I hope everything turns out for the best for you. :-)


Deliberately killed your dog? And this is a new aspect of his personality? Is he under a lot of stress, lately? Sounds like he could use some professional help. I don't know that I'd leave him, but it's sure a red flag - don't ignore it. If you have kids, how are they taking this? Has he ever hurt a family member or any other person?


Well hes got a new job and its been keeping him from getting good sleep. hes just been edgy lately and this stood out to me.


Yeah, ya think? I'd be very concerned about his well-being, not to mention yours and the kids', if you have kids. Sleep deprivation can cause all kinds of problems, and no job's worth losing your sanity, your wife, your kids - and if you're playing with guns, your freedom and maybe your LIFE. Really, urge him to seek counseling. BIG red flag here.


He's a piece of $hit, if I lived close to you I'd shoot that ba$tard!!! Cold heartless $on of a bi**h You'll probably be next, start packin'!!!!


if you loved the dog more than your husband then leave him


no I didn't but lately hes been killing things


You say "things" like this isn't the first incident. Is that true?


I would certainly leave mine, if he even threatened to harm my dogs.


he told me he was gonna shoot it if it didnt shut up and i thought he was kidding but he just went out and shot it.


Read this joke. Funny, or not so funny?


Good one Holly.


My dad used to look at me and say, "That's one..."

But HE was kidding.


If he accidentally shot the dog because he missed you then I would consider leaving him quickly. I can think of several reasons to put a dog down, from your post I cannot tell if this was justifiably doggiecide or not.


You didn't give much info re; your married life. but from some of your comments to others answers: I would say LEAVE HIM. People who are cruel to animals tend also to cruel to other people and frequently end up abusing their spouses and running against the lasw in several areas. i say "GO." Good luck--hope there are children involved --ifso, I'd say "GO FASTER." Good luck and God bless.


Thanks so much.


That is awful, any person who could harm an animal is a coward and a louse.....Good riddence. If it was up to me I would turn him in for animal cruilty.. For SHAME


It was a three year old golden retriever


well, find out why he killed you dog and talk to him about it, such as: why he did, how he did, etc, but do not forget he did it!


If he did this intentionally, yes, leave him. Obviously, the man has anger issues and psychotic tendencies. If it was an accident and you love him, of course, do not leave him; he is probably feeling bad enough as it is.


If it was on purpose I wouldnt even have to ask that question.Kill a dog and your wondering if you should leave?Not only should you leave for your safety he should be arrested.Where I live he would be put in jail and should be.Hard to believe your serious asking that question.If its true that is a very sick and disturbed person that shouldnt be walking around.Hes dangerous.

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