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What to get my son for his 15th birthday ?


Buy him a car!


Jeez... thats what he wants !!!


15 gold dollars. They will remind him that every year you have loved to have him as a son, and they're beautiful. It probably won't take all your budget, so you can still get something else, too.


Surely you must mean the new "golden" dollars (chintzy brass crap). Gold dollars from the nineteenth century would cost poor Skeeter a fortune!


That is a fantastic idea! If it's ok with you, I'm going to use that one. :)


Yes true, but think of poor skeeter..he he !


Ipod or similar for listening to music.


A 15 year old girl should be avoided at all costs! ;-)

Computer games, electronic gadgets, something that appeals to his current interests.


Best thing to do for a teenager is buy them a gift card. let them pick out what they want.


For a gift for my teenage boy, one year I bought him a course at the local college. Not an academic course.. but a course in "how to build go-carts" at the end of the course...the kids kept the carts they built.
I felt so clever, it gave him something to do... and something to treasure. Unlike a gift - he made it so it's value was huge.


A girl


get him something that he really wants, for some is music for others it snowboard gear just ask him it's better not to be surprising than to get him something that he doesn't want

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