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Do a child qualify for social security if one parent is incarcerated?

I have a child who's father is incarcerated and will be for the next 7-10 years minium, would our daughter qualify for his social security?

A question bettered answered by social security.


No! Social security pays for a child up to the age of 18 (as long as they are a full time student, no dropouts) and only when the custodial parent is disabled or dies. It is my understanding that if he was collecting social security before he went to prison...his benefits stop while he is in prison....nobody else is entitled to collect it. I am assuming that you are asking this because he was paying child support before, and now that he is in jail you obviously arent getting the support. The good thing about child support is that as long as it is ordered through the court it will continue to when he gets out of jail he will have a huge child support bill to pay. Although child support may stop at age 18, he will have to continue paying until ALL of the back support is paid off....even if the child is in their 30's.


acually till 21 if they stay in school, SS usually applies to children of dead parents


omg- no, men in PRISON, do NOT have to pay support- Supreme Court Rule- in jail, yes, it keeps adding up untill release. I seriously doubt any jail keeps someone 7-10-- get a clue Mimi


If you can get both parents to relinquish custody to you= then you are qualified for the same money as a Foster Parent

if the father of my son goes to prison would he( my son ) be able to collect social sercuity
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