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Are your children better or worse behaved than you were?

and why do you think so?

My children are WAY better behaved than i was at their age lol. Well my daughter is 18 years old she, never got suspended, Did not skip any days of school, just graduated high school, does not drink and is going to college full time this fall.

When I was 18 I was pregnant for her, I had been suspended from school many times, I quit school and before I was pregnant I was drinking a lot ( stopped the day I found out I was pregnant) lol

And trust me my boys are doing just as good as their sister :D

Take care ~Lisa~


I was much better than my older children. I came from a very strict home but my 7 year old is truly an angel!


My girls are as good as I was...My Son is worse then I could ever be...He has a knack for hanging with bad influences:)


I think that might be a "boy" thing. My son is alot more of a handful than my daughters are.


Dont wanna lie. I was always bad than them and found a way out of escaping when trapped but todays children are not smart enough to find a way out. lack of Technology made us liars and ample technology made present children honest. Example. We had to cheat from books (lack of technology). Today they cheat with mobiles (ample technology) We got caught with books and we had to cry and lie together whereas when they get caught and they dont need to lie coz mobile is mobile and there is no book

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