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What kills head lice? Nothing works anymore.


No need to shave head!!!


RID is the best treatment for head lice, use the nit comb to comb out the eggs and adult bugs while you are waiting the stated time. You need to retreat as directed on the bottle (I think it is about 10-14 days later). The biggest issue with head lice is that you have to treat your home and clean it thoroughly. That means bed linen, pillows, blankets, night clothes, etc need to be washed in as hot of water as possible and then put in the clothes dryer on high heat for 50-60 minutes. While this is happening, you need to use the RID spray to kill the nits (eggs) on the mattresses, couch, chairs, carpet (kids like to lay in the floor in front of the TV). Try to vacate the house for the day if you can. If you are infested, you will need to repeat this process again when you reshampoo. This process WILL get rid of the head lice. You still have to worry about re-infestation if your children's friends or cousins have them. That is how they are transferred from house to house and back again.


Perfect answer nurse99. Been there, done all that.


I heard that products at the store are much better today than ever before! I have never run into this problem, I hope I never do!




Don't waste your money on cheap stuff that wont work, go get you some rid. Shave your head then apply.


RID or even dog shampoo for fleas & ticks (hartz) the green 1


Shaving is best.


Shave and then use a fly killer to spank them.

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