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How do you help a child to not be afraid of storms?

My elementary age son is afraid when it storms to the point where there is a lot of thundering and lightening (little does he know that I get a little scared myself at times).He thinks that God is mad at us and is trying to make us afraid, especially when the power goes out at night. We know that's not the truth, but what can I say or do to help calm his fears whenever it rains?
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IF there is A rainbow tell thats GOD's way of telling us there will never be A world under water ever again:Twice by fire;ounce by water.We are now waiting for the last FIRE!


Mixer, pretty heavy for a kid, don't you think?


stories of angels bowling worked for my kids for a bit!!!

rain is God watering the ground or angels washing the clouds...

when the power goes out.... the power lines need a rest we go to sleep... they need a nap....or God wants us to appreciate what we see in the dark..


you know what mom? you have my vote! nothing beats an irrational fear better than an irrational explanation! When it comes to kids, i don't see any problem with telling a little fib like that. It just gets their imagination going and they forget about why they were scared in the first place!


well thank you eye candy that is very sweet.... kids just love stories so why not tell them....


Mom, thanks so much for your reply. Your response was very creative and I just may use some of that the next time it starts raining cats and dogs. Angels bowling---wow, that's good! Very imaginative. Thanks again!


you are very welcome Kip!!


Growing up I was afraid of them as well, what finnaly made me over come my fears was, I learned what lightning was actually made of and why it makes a flash and noise, also the old trick my parents used to tell me, "When you see the flash count in seconds, what ever number you get is how far it is in miles" when they told me to do this I would count and id figure well its (what ever number i got) miles away.


we were taught that the flash was from cameras... angels were getting their pictures taken..


Tech, thanks for your reply. Lightning is lightning and lightning accompanied by thunder is frightening especially for a child, and a double whammy when the lights go out at night in a middle of a storm. I'm not quite sure how far to go with the technical aspect of what lightning is. Good to know and will need read more about it though.


You're tooooooo good. My son is into photography and 'angels getting their pictures taken' should work well for him. Great reply! Thanks again!!!


you are welcome....


Tell him the truth about weather. Show him how to tell if the storm is coming closer by counting the seconds from lightning to thunder. Explain wind and rain.
Stop making him cower in fear, first of god now of wind.


Maybe he see's the fear in you?


Cindypea, thanks for your reply. I try not to show it and remain positive at all times. When there's a loud BOOM that catches you off guard, I think that would rattle the nerves of the best of us. I tell him that God is working and there's not anything we can do about it but pray. And sometimes we'll do that. But no, I do not show him any signs of fear at all because I don't think that would help him. So I go about my evening with as much normality as possible, especially around him.

Still Changing:

Teach them by,film,pics. and talk to them.Do the action of the drill step by step.They should learn more as time moves on.Precheck the film,pics. as not to scare them as much.


tell them what it really is tell them the story of thunder boy and sky women


Never heard of thunder boy and sky women. Please share.

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