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how do you get your kids to clean their rooms without a fight


...I've been known to take a very large plastic garbage sack and toss in anything and everything that was on the floor or even looked like it was gonna land on the floor. When they realized they were missing stuff they were told, if it wasn't put away, it's most likely gotten thrown out. Only had to do that once strangly enough. After that all I had to do was tell them that me and my garbage sack would be happy to clean for them....LOL


i clean it for them... and if they want to keep their things, they best a be cleaning it themselves.. and when you have to clean it, you also find out what your teens are up too.....


Keep their room simple!! Dresser, bed, and toybox with a few toys only. It took me a while to figure this out, but it really works. I have five kids, I know this works. Don't let them have too much stuff at one time. It's easy to clean up a few things as opposed to cleaning up lots.
Good luck!


I meant to say it is easy to get them to clean up a few things, as opposed to cleaning up lots.


few things are good but my son 16 years old has his room simple but it's what comes off stays on the floor shirts, pants ,backpack, school work , ect.


Twisted Sal,
Maybe you can try a hamper in the room and a hook on the wall for his back pack Remind him/make him each time you walk by the room hang up his back pack and put his dirty clothes in hamper. After a while it will become habit, but you have got to get on him every single time he leaves his stuff on the floor and you see it.


First I ask them nicely and give them a deadline. If it's not done, I give them a couple days or lose all privileges (cell phone, xbox, tv in room, internet except for homework). And then the in one weeks time if not done, I go in on Monday morning while they are in school -- which means -- they have lost privacy and anything on the floor. But it has never come to that, in fact, they've never lost their privileges.


I don't know if you'd call that a fight. Some of my friends think I'm too tolerant and they'd never have the patience for that. It would be "Do it or lose everything and I'll do it for you." But I believe in second chances and I know some of us get distracted or busy with something else. Every person in my house has been diagnosed ADD, but I prefer to think we all just have minds our bodies can't keep up with.


Let her know who is the king and queen of this castle and she must do her part at helping keep it clean or lose benefits.

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