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How Old were You when to you First got married? and,,,

and.. did you get married because you were in love or were there factors that forced you to get married... like children or other?

25 and I did it because she was going to be my kids momma.


if you could go back would you changed your decision to get married just because she was the mother of you child?




I was nineteen going on thirty. I was in loooooooove.
I was in love with my friend, er, high school sweetheart, er, my future wife--uh, Morgan Fairchild--yeah, that's the ticket.


are you still married?


Nope. I divorced her a long time ago.


27. got married to a person I felt I could live my life with and could commit to and be responsible for. I'm jewish. We marry this way and only 8% of us ever get divorced versus the 58% of other couples.


wow. i'm not sure how to respond to that nicely (well nicer then i am thinking it).....
um.. ok just because only 8% of jewish couples get divorced doesn't mean they are faithful to each other through out. the Other couples you mention about are are of what religion do you think? i really don't think the divorce aspect has anything to do with religion, to a point yes. i'm not trying to discriminate at all i just don't see why you stated it the way you did.
i mean its like you don't think other couples see their selves living with, committing to, and begin responsible for the one they choose to marry also. ??


It's very socially unaccepted to be a divorced jew. The jews will tell you so. A jew I know was divorced and was asked not to return to that synagogue any more because they would corrupt the church. I don't think that happens in a christian church setting although I don't know.


Age 22, We grew up together. (little boy next door) We officially didn't date until we were 19, waited for three years before we really knew we wanted to get married. Had a nine month engagement. ( I was considered an old maid in my family, most relatives were married straight out of high school ) When I did finally get engaged, the family gossips stated it must of been because I was pregnant. So we waited exactly nine months to prove them wrong. lol


lol nice!


I was 23 (24 now). We dated for four years before we decided to get married. I thought I was in love. It's been a rough first year, but I'm sure we will get through it.


I was 24 when I got married but I was 17 when we started dating. I wouldn't marry him until we had enough savings to start building our house.


i was 24 when i got married....hated marriage coz my parents were always at each other's throats...but then i met her.....was married 4 months later....been 18 years now, on the 10th of last month.


Congratulations cy!! Didn't know you were having an anniversary but I will remember in the future : )
How's my artistic friend in QnA?
Happy Holidays to you and your family and a successful new year to you all.


19 and it lasted 8 years.


I was 24 when i got married - we waited 7 years and 2 home purchases later before we had our 3 kids....still married 24 years later. I can't imagine not having waited till I was 30 to have kids...I encourage my kids to wait until they are at least out of college and on their way to a's too hard in the generation/economy to do otherwise.


We got married at 24 because I wanted kids and didn't want to just be living together for them. We had our first at 27 and had twins at 32. Fertility problems got in the way, lol! We were in love since we were 14, and I believe destined to be together. But, if I hadn't wanted kids, I think we would still be "living in sin" 20 years later, lol! We dated and then lived together for 10 years. Being married didn't mean as much to us as to others, just because we have not really imagined ever not being together. The legal papers were just a formality.


I got married the first time at 16. I knew I was in love and he was in love with me. I didn't consider that he wasn't as mature as I was. His mother had more input in our household than I did and that didn't work out too well. We divorced very quickly. Still friends though. I remarried at 17 and I'm still with him, 30 years later.

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