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why can't we make water?

i am not sure if we can, but if we can't, why not?

we can make water... that is how we know the chemical compounds for it... two parts hydrogen one part oxygen.... h2o but since the world is covered in so much water there is no sense in us to make water when our resource for it is so vast...

DroidDotBot Not DogBot:

that answer is so wrong. If we could make water then why are we so concerned about the water supply being polluted. We know water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen but we cant make it.


WE do! it is called urine! Once it is elimated, it gets processed through filters and recycled!


for the same reason we can"t make dirt God made water and dirt and man cannot make either.


My granddaughter use to tell me she was making water.
Oh,that's not what you meant.

DroidDotBot Not DogBot:

I don't know exactly why we can't make water, but you're right. We have the same amount of water today that we had here on earth millions of years ago. It changes forms but no less , no more


Water is a byproduct of many chemical reactions and is made all the time.

Ace Investor:

Yes, it can be indirectly created through reactions all the time.

Hydrocarbon combustion will ALWAYS create CO2 and H2O as a biproduct...H2O is water.

In a rocket, I believe oxygen and hydrogen is mixed covalently, creates water (and some 20 000lbs of thrust).

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