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What is the number 1 supplement / vitamin?

Just the facts mam. lol Can you show proof?

I use Double X from Nutrilite, I found it at:




That has been poven to help I agree.


Yep releases Vitamin D

K Stay:

raw vegetables.


Ok good. I am looking for the number one supplement that we can't get from nature.


ultra mangosteen juice


Why? and can you show proof?


Exercise, because (if done properly) it releases hormones! Vitamins are way overrated, and if you have too much of them (which is pretty easy) you just pee them out. You know what my doctor said? "Fastest way to get expensive urine".


Exercise is very important. I agree. Can you show proof that vitamins or supplements do not help. I have proof that they do. Just want as much knolidge as I can get.



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