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salt water pool is turning green how can i clear it ?


Take out the salt.


Here blott, is what I found:

Swimming pool algae problems
The most common complaint that swimming pool owners have, is the presence of algae in the pool. This is because the algae are visible and unsightly. There are over 21,000 species of algae known to man but only a fraction of these are encountered in swimming pools. When there is algae present in the pool water, the chlorine is used up rapidly trying to combat its growth. This process has a tendency to raise the pH, thus decreasing the efficiency of the remaining free chlorine. Algae are tiny plants that bloom and grow in swimming pools if nutrients are present and a sufficient level of free chlorine is not maintained. The three most common algae problems in swimming pools are Green Algae, Mustard Algae, and Black Algae. Algae may first appear as cloudiness before it turns color. Green Algae floats in water and coats pool surfaces and if left unchecked it can very quickly turn the pool water pea green. Mustard Algae settles on pool walls and causes a slimy yellow film. Black Algae appears in clumps attached to tile, corners, steps and pool surfaces. Black algae are more difficult to control than green or blue-green algae and can also stain the swimming pool walls and floor.

Adequate levels of free chlorine will prevent algae from growing out of control. Algae growth requires harsh treatment. Usually shock treatment with chlorine or an algaecide is recommended. Bromine and chlorine at normal levels are effective algae stats (able to control algae growth). Chlorine at 10 P.P.M. is an effective algaecide (able to kill algae). Chlorine can be used in a bromine pool for shocking or algae killing. Commercial algaecides are also available.

The best method is to super chlorinate with 10 to 20 ppm chlorine in the evening. Keep the

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