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what 4 pieces of evidence would suggest a chemical reaction has taken place?


thanks :)


How about these:

1) Creation of a gas
2) Creation of a precipitate (solid) from a solution
3) Heat production or heat absorption
4) Change in spectrum (color) or circular dichroism (absorption of polarized light)

Shirley a walsborn:

if you pulled that from wiki, you should cite your source


Don't be silly. I have a science background and I know at least this kind of extremely basic chemistry. Plus, if you look at the wikipedia page, I obviously did not cut and paste or even paraphrase it. 


Do you think wikipedia is the only way people know anything? The wiki page does not even mention circular dichroism, which I did in my answer.

Shirley a walsborn:

It just seemed awfully similar, that's all. And, of course I don't think everyone gets their info from wiki. Sometimes people would be better off if they did, but not necessarily in your case.

What is your background in science? I'm working on an advanced degree from Michigan Technological University. Science is my life.

Shirley a walsborn:

Change in color, heat/energy, sound, phase or form, light can all potentially indicate a chemical change.

read this:

Abbie Kline:

I meant 'is' 

Abbie Kline:
yall do realize that Wikipedia is not a reliable source, and apparently neither in this page....  
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