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Racer boy 7

Mercury is solid or liquid?

this is science question ,i want to know what state is mercury?

It is a liquid, but it's a liquid that's not wet.


It cloud be solid, liquid or gas. Depends on not only the temperature, but also the pressure.




Always thought it was either a liquid, gas or solid depending on tempeture. Melting point -39 oC and Boiling point 357 oC and I'll assume we're not talking planets.


yup yup. Just like any other element...


Liquid indeed.


liquid, older houses use mercury in the a/c controls. I also remember an old mercury thermometer my grandmother use to have.


Boy, did that make me feel old. I had a Mercury thermometer as a kid! LOL!!!


liquid in room tempurature(20-25)

Padraic McGrath:

It's a lquid w/ a very low melting temperature.Metal is a type of matter. Solid is a state of matter.

Padraic McGrath:

Metal w/ a very low melting temp.

Shirley a walsborn:

Liquid, with a very high evaporation rate.

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