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I dont have insurance but I want to get some cosmetic dentistry done and I'm willing to pay...

Does anyone know if dentist's do payment plans? What are some other options?

I would encourage you to visit this website: I signed up online about 3 years ago now for all my dentistry work and they have saved me thousands of dollars throughout the years. From root canals, extractions, exams, xray...etc. Even cosmetic surgery and orthodontics are included with this very affordable plan. They even had my benefits active in 2 hours and was able to use it the same day. Good Luck and Hope this Helps.


I work for a company by the name of AmeriPlan and we carry discount health benefits which do cover cosmetic dentistry. Our plans offer discount up to 80% off. For more info you can email me at [email protected]


capitol one will.i had some caps on.i got a loan for 2,500 5 years 53 dollars a month. Go to the sight and take a look.


So you just apply and thats it? Thats a credit card company right? Tell me more please?

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