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What is the chemical composition of Mothballs?

What is the best chemical example?

don't teach him the easy way out let him do his own research or he will be living in your basement till he is 40 years old!!!!


Randy, do your own homework. Just put the word you want to know in the search engine in your home page, and press search, or return, or whatever it says, and viola you will find dozens of answers. There is probably one site that will define all of them. Goodness,

John P:

clothes in a closet that has not been open a couple of years.


for god sakes use google will ya


Read the box!!


You know it is pretty bad when you are a single parent trying to help your child with homework & you have nothing but a bunch of smart asses!!!!


The old question is , when you smell moth balls ,how do you get there little legs apart.

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