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Is Mercury magnetic since it's a metal?

I have played with mercury before but never tried to put a magnet to it. So i was wondering. Does it have magnetic properties?

wear gloves, a little bit is toxic and it can be absorbed through the skin.


hmmm mine said not... boy am I confused


nah nah de nah nah,,,pay back for the yellow submarine....:)


yeah but but but that was funny!!!!


Several things must be considered, what is meant by magnetic properties....mercury is used in the seperating of gold from other will also adhere to silver and other coinage if rubbed into the coin, coating it, does that mean it has magnetic properties? may be seen as such, surely....I think mercury has mercurial properties....LOL


well i guess what i was trying to ask. will it be attracted by a magnet?


it will stick to you stomach if you consider that as being magnetic.


i will have a anwer to this soon

and how it can be made magnetic

no its not magnetic it dose not hold the proprieties  to be magnetic like alot of other metals

I rock!

The answer is yes

I got a 100 percent in the test i took about mercury


I rock!

The answer is yes

I got a 100 percent in the test i took about mercury

sorrey i wrote it twise
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