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How do you send URL addresses to cell phones by text messaging? PLEASE HELP a COMPUTER DUMMY! SOS!!

Ive learned how to do the cut and paste thing but I am so in the dark when it comes 2 sending the URL address. How do you let the computer know when u wanna send something to someones phone, via e-mail? I just learned what a URL was the other day and wont give up until I can do anything i ever need to do in cyber space!! Someone be an angel and help me out pleeeeeeeeeeeez! : )

If I understand you correctly you're trying to send a message from your computer to a phone. If so, try the following. I picked the addresses out of a few sites I found through a quick Google. Also you may try this site that appears neat and free: I cannot guarantee they work but they sound right. You'll have to know the phone carrier name. Use the full 10 digit number no dashes or spaces. Have fun.
Alltel: [email protected]
AT&T: [email protected]
Cingular: [email protected]
Metro PCS: [email protected]
Nextel: [email protected]
Powertel: [email protected]
Sprint: [email protected]
SunCom: [email protected]
T-Mobile: [email protected]
US Cellular: [email protected]
Verizon: [email protected]
Virgin Mobile: [email protected]


thanx for your helpin hand! what goes around, comes around appreciate ur time


If you're phone is Verizon, follow these steps:

1) Copy the link and paste it into a new e-mail.
2) In the To box, enter (you're 10 digit cell number here)
3) Press Send
4) The link will appear in a text message on your cellphone!


thanx so much!!!

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