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Would a refurbished laptop (from a company like Dell) be OK and reliable?


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Yes because they come with a warranty, not to mention the fact that many re-branded devices are simply returns from people that are to ignorant to know how to operate them, some have minor issues but when the factory gets them back they run a full diagnostic on them even if it's just one problem, refurb is kewl for the most part.


LS is correct, a recent refurb from a major manufacturer is just fine. Sometimes it's as simple as the purchaser bought the wrong model or wrong components and shipped it back to be replaced by the correct one. If it can be avoided, I'd stay away from older model refurbs; many of those are returned lease machines from road warriors.


I bought a Dell 600 refurbished. It had ATI Soundcard in it with video. I took it to a so called "Computer Tech/Store" and he said there was no way to run karaoke on it and it couldn't be fixed to do so. Well, I run 28,000 karaoke songs + 19,000 MP3 songs from an external 250 gig external drive and it works beautiful. It is only 40G hardrive and it does all of that for me. I only gave 206.00 dollars for it on Ebay.....and works super well. I'd say you couldn't go wrong including the warranty.

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