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I want to track the location of my husband cell by his cell phone number and know were the location


Now adays most phones have GPS on them. I know because I use it at work (a small company). Our guys do not even know that they have it. Call the cell phone company while your hubby is in the shower or sleeping and add it to his phone. You'll need to have his phone in your hands because once activated you need to shut it off and turn it back on. The entire process including the call takes less then 10 minutes. GPSing is really cheap too. For Nextel in Indiana it's only 5 dollars per phone. Good luck!


Its sad that you have to resort to this, just try talking to him about whatever issues you have with him, then if that doesn't work and you can't trust him, time to move on.

Marriage is built on many things but one of those is trust. If you feel you can't trust him, there must be a reason and if that's the case, discuss those reasons with him as why you feel the way you do. If he will not talk about or becomes defensive after a rational talk, then its up to you, but I would not live with someone under those circumstances.

You don't trust him enough to want to track his movements? How about asking him if you can do this and see what he says? I could care less if my wife wanted to track where I am, she would be really bored and find that 50% of the time my phone would be located right next to hers, and the other part of the time located on my dresser when I am sleeping, and the other times, at my office.

PS if he thought you were doing this what's to prevent him from doing the same to you? Would you like it? DO you ever go anywhere you should not? DO you tell him where you are every minute of the day?

TRUST, TALK, then move on one way or the other.


Lady if you think he is CHEATING on you Hire a PI!!


Call him on it and ask him where he is. You sound like you might have some trust issues, so this probably won't work.


The technique would be triangulation. You create at X, Y, Z coordinate on a 2 dimensional plane by calculating 3 points of roaming and signal strength at each point. The NSA uses this method to track citizens of importance.


I completely understand as women we have that "gut" feeling an intuition of some sorts no not gas LOL . You don't want to confront or accuse him of something you suspect is going on and be wrong. So yes, you need to figure things out on the "down low" before jumping the to hiring a P.I. Men yes even you good guys out there you all tell lies,tales, fibs or whatever you call it. If your husband has been unfaithful in the past and your trying to give him another chance ok yes were aren't all perfect. You might be in love or even have children so one might say you have a lot invested in your marriage. Though his usual routine has probably changed or your just catching him in his lies these are a few things that might send that red flag up.. Good luck I hope things work out in your best interest... I'm not trying to convert you but pray about whatever is burdening your heart.. I will be praying for you!!!!!

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