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If you run out of minutes on your cell phone can you still call 911 and get through to them?


Thanks for all of your answers:)


u r welcome... i was a bit technology in question... with some of what can be confused theses long as you have ur answer....:)

Brain freeze:


Mr. personality:

911 is provided free of charge even on a phone with no service.


Yes just make sure you keep it charged

take care ~Lisa~

Literally Speaking ™:



yes and i believe a non charged cellphone may still able to successfully dial 911..but not totally sure..

Literally Speaking ™:

Yeah and you can also illuminate your house when the power is out ............

Electronics need juice to work, just because it's an emergency # does not make it magical,... lemme guess your a Harry Potter enthusiast?



yes...........i figured......butttttttttttttt with technology...and policing...was not sure.................okkkkkkkkkkkkk
i did say not sure!!!!!!!!! adn i am not a hp enthusiast..i respest the success......sooooooooooooooo
i bet there is alot about anatomy & physiology /liguistics u may not know.... are you perfectly avised and qualified in other fields..??


it was the out of minutes that i got confused ..OK????
and how about your grammar..."YOUR"!!!!???????? you're.....I think is the correct usage..
as long as kimbo get the answer he or she is looking for... is the main thing.


and I chose not to use proper lettering or a spell ck in my 1st response

Literally Speaking ™:

B r e a t h,..... lol


is a song..



Losing my patience:


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