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can a cat get an abortion


You are 1 real sick dude.


dont you answer questions instead of leave comments


Leave Possum alone.

Possum is an "old timer" here. I beleive Possum started months before I did, and does answer question whenever it suits them.


Sure, but I'm not sure abortion is the right term to use, but what do I know... ;)

Joshua Cromer:

I'm sure if the pregnancy is life threatening to the cat they can, but I doubt it's very common


well I doubt there are any doctors out there that are willing to give a cat an abortion, but Im sure if you can find some doctor sick enough out there then yes its possible.


How about a Vet? ;) They most likely abort kittens, puppies, etc, for a variety of reasons.


Can you please stop asking gross questions?


That's not a gross question. What's gross about it?

Abortion of children is all over this site, what makes cat's or dogs abortions anymore gross?


I guess they can


Yes they can, If not there is an herbal remedy that works.


yes its possable if they do surgery on the cat but wouldnt it be so much easier if you just gave them away to the local animal shelter


I had a cat Pixie and she got out and came back knocked up. Pretty soon she vanished and I finally found her behind the couch. She was VERY sick she couldn't pee and she didn't eat or drink, she also had a mouth full of bloody open sores. We went promptly to the vet and he told us we had a couple of options. 1) We could put her to sleep. 2) we could try to treat her but it would cost thousands of dollars and she would have to be neutered immediately and he only gave about a 10% survival rate. Apparently she got some kind of kitty STD and preggy. We decided it wasn't worth putting her through so much pain for so little a chance. Long story short my ex-husband stayed with her and held her while she was put down I couldn't handle it. So to answer your twisted question yes cats can have an abortion but it is more like a hysterectomy.

Kiki Schlatterer:
yes cats can have abortions, and yes vets do it. it isnt cheap though. my costs were $150 for the surgery plus $40 per kitten back in 1997. i'm pretty sure the 40 per cat was punishment from from the pro life sect for letting my cat act like a slut, lol.
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