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My cat just ate a Five-Lined Skink. Is it harmful? Have heard many stories; what to believe??

Can't find a thing online. Checked ASPCA site. There's an 888 number, but they have the nerve to charge $55 for calling. I can't afford.

The stories you have heard may have to do with the fact that some people call young five-lined skinks "scorpions" and think that they have a poisonous sting. This is a myth. Skinks' natural predators are carnivorous animals, snakes, hawks... so your cat should be alright. (Cats are carnivorous, even if they do eat cat food!) I agree with the Aechelon- if the skink dosen't agree with your cat, it'll come back up.


Oops, I meant Archelon!!


Thanks, I appreciate the insight. I used to live in FL & many Floridians said skinks kill cats; not because they have a poisonous sting; but something about seizures, neurological breakdown; and eventually death, from ingesting a skink. So far, all is well; and the vet is close by.


If you see this, I was wondering how the cat did! I figure since it's been 4 days now- and after 2 he was still okay...everything should be good. I never heard that about skinks. You'd think that the other animals that prey on them would have problems then?


Didn't realize you commented; sorry. Cat is doing great so far. Thanks for asking. He has a vet appt. coming up anyway; so I'll ask the question again when I'm there.


Cat will be fine!! Male Eumeces have alot more musk than females, I suspect your cat will throw up in a few minutes if he injested anything un-agreeable,, not to worry!!


Here's what I know...skunks carry rabies. That would be my main concern. Your cat probably hasn't had a rabies vaccination. If the skunk was alive, and your cat killed it, it possibly got bitten. Frankly, other than that very important issue, I wouldn't worry. But that's just me. If it were my cat, I would call the vet Tuesday morning and ask him/her what they thought. From what I've read on the internet, Tuesday would not be too late to give your cat protective shots for rabies. SAVE THE SKUNK so the vet can do a test on it. Put it in the fridge. (Don't wait past Tuesday as once rabies symptoms develop it is invariably fatal.

I'm not a vet -- just voicing an opinion here.

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