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Is the herb Basil poisonous to either cats or dogs?


anything too much could be bad
your pets will eat what is good, theyve better instincks than us. basil, mint etc have no bad effects.
give your vet a call, or wait for the pv wizzes to provide you with links
in the meantime, enter dogs poison basil to google, or much better,


i wish would hire me
it is, hands down, the best place to go when youre not sure how to write a question out just right. best help i have to offer, for the same time it took you to ask here, would have provided your answer.
just came from there, enjoy, full of info exactly what you want to know


Hi Clueless in Chicago! No, Basil is not poisonous to cats or dogs.

The Veterinary Support Personnel Network provides a list of poisonous plants compiled by the ASPCA at

Drs. Foster & Smith provide a similar list at​id=1552n along with the ASPCA's National Animal Poison Control Center hotline telephone numbers.

For your further research, see also:
1. The Cat Fancier's Association's article "Plants Poisonous to Cats" at
2.'s article "" at​

I hope this is helpful!


3rd Street Saint:

yes all herbs are poisonous to either a cat or a dog

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