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what can you do if a mother cat abandons a kitten?

A stray cat had a litter of 5 kittens in our neighbor's shed recently. There were 5 kittens, and now the mother cat has moved all the kittens to a new spot except for one. The one she left behind still has closed eyes and has a scab on its throat. Is there anything that can be done for this kitten that has been abandoned?

well, all 5 cats were there earlier today. then just the one was left. now the last one is gone. hopefully the mother came back and got it.


It may be the runt, possible she tried to kill it too, she thought it would can get a baby bottle and try and help it along or take it to the spca and they will help you!


please see above comment

Terror Ate My Freedom:

Hi jh2323,
You can hand raise the kitten it will take a lot of time and patience, because it will need feeds every one to two hours.
I have found a link with all the materials you will need and information on what to do.

Terror Ate My Freedom:

Hopefully she did, She may have just been taking her time, if I were you, I would ring the cat protection society in your town (if you have one because we do in australia) and ask them to come look for them.


Do as I did when the Momma cat disappeared this year leaving three baby kittens, that didn't even have their eyes opened yet and purchase "Kitty Cat Milk" At either wal-mart or a pet product outlet. It is available in either powdered that you mix or liquid!
I used an eye dropper for a while and then you graduate them to a little kitty cat bottle purchased at the same places also.
it is actually a really nice experience but you need to really be determined....they must be fed every two hours for the first few weeks.

God's Blessed! xo

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