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I read somewhere that cats only meow around people. They don't meow at other cats. True? Why?


Totally false. One reason that cats appear to talk more to humans is that humans feed and shelter them.

Cats have a few distinct meows meaning certain things. You can research this online. Domesticated cats naturally attend their owners and adopt them as part of their family.

Who do you talk to more, your family or strangers?


How absolutely true your last sentence is. Thanks, Chi Chi!!


I also just read a few days ago that cats don't look at you as being "superior," they look at you the way they would other cats they like. No hierarchy. Just other cats. That falls in with your answer. TY again.


They can sometimes look up you maternally. I had one cat that did that when I was a kid. She would even stretch out across the top of my head when I was lying down as if she were feeding me. She was, of course, very protective as well.


I never thought about this. I had 5 cats at one time and I really can't remember them ever "talking" to each other...just the occasionally hiss.


Yeah. Mine will sometimes run up to each other and kinda' grunt or something. But they never ever meow -- except at us. Funny, huh?


I think they do meow at other cats. Maybe not as much has humans because the human voice is stimulating to them. My mother has two cats and I've seen them meow at each other.


Well there we have it. My cats don't, so I kinda' believed it. First hand from you that do meow at each other. Just shows generalities are often wrong. Thanks, Deb!!


The thing is, they do all the noises only they are emotionally excited.....
1. Around People(for food or for a soft brush around head)
2. Male cats around male cats(well you know. that means WW3 has started)
3. Male cats on heat(well...that particular sound those male cats a bit irritating...LoL)


YES!!!! Food, for SURE!!!!!! And YES!!!! WW3. Hahahaha!!! I don't think I ever heard a male when a female's in heat -- but I've heard the female. Sounds like they're dyin'!!!! Thanks fror a cute answer, Murdoc.


You are welcome Maggie!!!


Meowing is a language cats have come up with to communicate with their human owners.... They don't meow at each other...they make other noises, grunts and purrs, but not meows typically :)

Hey MaggieD!!


Hey!!!!!!!!!!!! Bipasha!!!!!!!!! Great to see you!!! That's kinda' what I thought since mine meow around us but never at each other. YOu're right, grunts, purrs, and some other kind of throaty sound when they're mischievious with each other. Thanks!!!! And absolutey great to see ya'.

Texas Girl:

Have you ever heard a cat in the middle of the night when the urge to get marries hits? Seems like to me they are chattting with each other.

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